Wooden Pilchard
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Theme Puppet set Back drops provided.
Hill Top Farm Farmer's Wife, Farmer, Cow, Goat, Dog, Cat, Fox, Owl. Kitchen; Outside View.
Side scenery of trees.
Goldilocks Goldilocks, daddy bear, mummy bear and baby bear. Outside the bears' cottage and inside the bears' cottage.
Side scenery of trees.
Three little pigs Three pigs, wolf, straw house, wood house and a brick house Country side and inside the brick house with cooking pot.
Side scenery of trees and a cauldron
Gymkhana Girl on horse, horse, man with bucket, girl, dog, jump, open horsebox. Gymkhana scene.
Side scenery of trees and jumps.
Back to the very front
Haunted churchyard Girl, boy, pterodactyl, ghost, witch, bat and a dog Churchyard scene.
Side scenery of trees.
Arabian Nights Boy, girl, man on horse, genie and a collection of pots. Arab desert scene.
Side scenery of palm trees.