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Puppet set

Back drops provided.

Fairy Castle

Prince, princess, dragon, witch, good fairy, ghost or flying fairy and a witch on a broomstick.

Distant view of castle, outside castle and inside castle.
Side scenery of trees and castle turrets.

Nativity Mary, Joseph, Baby Jesus, Angel Gabriel, Two Shepherds, Three Wise Men, Donkey, Ox, Sheep and Camel, Night in the Desert and inside the stable.
Side Scenery of Palm Trees and the stable.


Pirate, pirate and parrot, lost boy, lost girl, crocodile, boarding pirate, shark and a ship.

Sea shore, on board ship.
Side scenery of palms, wavy sea and side of ship.


Cave man, cave girl, pterodactyl, green dinosaur and a red dinosaur.

Prehistoric scene.
Side scenery of trees.

Back to the very front


Clown, ringmaster, girl on a horse, acrobat, lion and an elephant.

Circus scene.
Side scenery of an audience and curtain.


Crocodile, lion, tiger, giraffe, elephant, monkey, snake, boy, panda and a hippo.

Jungle scene and island view.
Side scenery of palms, mud huts