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Our Fairy Castle Theatre (£265)
dimensions(mm): 900h x 520w x 250d(in use)
dimensions(mm): 900h x 520w x 70d(stored)

Noah's Ark
Fairy Castle
Hilltop Farm
Teddy Bears' Picnic
Extra puppet set comes complete with side scenery and puppets, some of which are strung.
Fairy Tale Compendium - Three Little Pigs, Red Riding Hood, Goldilocks & The Three Bears & Hansel & Gretel
Family Puppet Set - Your family including pets, custom made to order





Side scenery
Puppets - Magnetic
Puppets - Strung
Wands and magnets
Magnets and base
Finger Puppet Theatres - for use  with your own finger puppets



To order Phone/Fax: 01763 838804  
Each theatre comes complete with a set of puppets, back drop and stage floor.
Special commissions will be undertaken with pleasure.
Postage: Shipping details on request.
New Range of items
- (Family sets of Wooden Farm Animals and extras for toy horses to include Paddock Fencing and Horse Jumps) - details soon.